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Hot-Dog Costume with Blue Bun!

Hot-Dog Costume with Blue Bun!

Evany sent my iBook G4 a present—its very own Hot Dog Costume, except that this hotdog's bun is blue! You can see my laptop all dressed up here, on my table, next to the cute and tiny iPod stereo that makes the iBook in its costume look GIANT!

I promise this will all make more sense if you just follow the Hot Dog Costume link to Evany's My Crafty site where she showcases the Hotdog Laptop Cozy project. Feel free to ignore the photos of me wearing the Loveseatee, because I find them to be very unflattering, whereas Evany told me I was crazy and so I let her keep them up. I am NOT. VAIN. Nor Crazy. OK?

By the way, the tiny iPod stereo is GREAT! It folds up into a tiny thing, and then flips around to sit on any surface. You just plug your iPod into it and out comes lots of good sound. Tomorrow I will test its battery capacity when I drive to New Haven to take Metro-North to New York City. (So far it has done all its work plugged in to a wall socket.)

In New York City I will spend Friday evening with Paul, Linda, possibly David, and possibly Yoktan. We will eat Indian food, and then we will go to the first hour or so of a Smiths/Morrissey night which offers free drinks during the first hour. And then who knows.

Saturday night I have a birthday party to attend.

On Sunday I have to wake up early-ish and come back home so that I can turn around and drive two more hours up to southern Vermont for another job interview at an artsy liberal arts college on Monday. I'm supposed to make up my mind about the other offer by next Friday, so my fate for the next couple of years will be decided fairly soon.

Are you in the mood for some laughing today? Then go where I send you. Right HERE!

11:31 p.m. - April 07, 2005


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