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some stories about Jill and Nasser

January 25, 2005: "Anyway, at about noon, when I was yoga-ing, there was a knock on my door. Nasser was standing there looking like I'd done something wrong. He has a formidable skill with exasperation-seeming that I quite enjoy, given how often it seems to be a mode of being rather than a real form of exasperation. So I looked at him and said, "Hi!" He said, "Give me your keys." Me: "Huh?" Him (with the exasperation-seeming): "It will all turn to ice if I don't dig the cars out now." I was all, "Um, you know, I can do that now that I know it needs to be done." He, prince among men, simply said, "Give me your keys." And so I made him some pancakes, and we sat around making fun of our gendered roles. Then we talked about Guantanamo Bay."

December 9, 2004: Earlier that day I had walked into Amherst center to look at some crafts fairs, because I have a soft spot for artisans and a need for exercise. Because I am a dumbass I keep forgetting that it is really cold where I live so I'll leave the house for a 2 mile walk without gloves or a hat. I am learning. In any case, I had on my big pink boots and my tweed coat, which pretty much made me a freak in Amherst. As I was walking up the stairs after arriving back at the homestead, Nasser came running out his door and said, "Oh. My. God. I was driving down the road, and I saw this person in this fabulous outfit. And I slowed my car down because I was all 'I NEVER see anyone in Amherst dressed like that.' And it was you."

And then there was the time that Nasser knocked on my door and said "I AM TAKING YOU OUT TO DINNER BECAUSE I AM EXCITED TO TELL YOU A RIDICULOUS STORY." And it was the story about how the quarterback of the football team came to his office hours to ask if he should drop my class so he could ask me on a date. Nasser said (and he was 100% correct): "She will never go out with you so you should just stay in the class."

One time when it was one of those days in Amherst when it's basically night all day, Nasser and I were approaching the door to the farmhouse at about the same time, and he said, "it is very early but do you want to get some pizza and wine?" and i said, "yes, of course that is what I want." So we went to Bertucci's and had a good long conversation, and some pizza and wine. Then, as we were driving back home, and it was pitch black out and we were talking about being tired, Nasser said, "Jill, I have to say something to you." He said it really seriously. So I prepared myself and said, "OK." And he said, "IT IS 6:30 PM!" Then we laughed very hard, since we were both once late night San Francisco dwellers, now reduced to being headed home AFTER dinner at 6:30pm.

11:47 a.m. - December 01, 2015


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